Fina Freedom Savings Account

Fina Freedom Savings Account offers the easiest way to open a savings account.

With little opening requirements Fina Freedom Savings Account takes away the stress in opening a savings account.

Key Features
  • Basic customer information
  • Opening Balance: Zero initial opening balance
  • Daily Minimum Balance: Zero minimum balance
  • Liquidity Threshold: Limited to a maximum single deposit of N20,000.00 and maximum cumulative balance of N200,000.00 at any point in time
  • ATM transaction are allowed (i.e Debit card is available for customer)
  • Mobile Banking: Access to mobile banking services aubject to a maximum transaction limit of N3,000.00 and daily limit of N30,000.00
  • Deposit can be made by account holder and 3rd parties
  • Withdrawal is restricted to account holder only
  • International funds transfer is prohibited
  • Account can be opened online or onsite in bank’s branches or agent’s office
  • Account is strictly savings with interest
  • Account opening is instant
  • Joint signatory is allowed
  • Passport photograph
  • Name, place and date of birth
  • Gender, address, telephone number etc.
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